JEStackExchange(Joomla 2.5 & 3.x )


JEStackExchange Component is a Question and Answers forum type extension. It allows user to post questions and answers. In addition Registered users can reply to the posted questions.

Note: This is Free Component, You can download this component for FREE!!!

Features of JEStackExchange:

  1. Admin and Registered User can post questions.
  2. Display all questions with owner & time in the Front End.
  3. Admin and Registered User can add related tags for own questions.
  4. Soring Latest questions,votes,unanswered questions.
  5. Details page for each question With answers.
  6. Registered users can add reply for the questions.
  7. Every Questions have contains related tags
  8. Sort the questions based on tags
  9. Registered and guest user can view the published questions and answers in the front end.
  10. Admin can (Add/Edit/Delete) questions through back end.
  11. Registered users can add multiple answers for a single question.

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