JEXTN Membership Subscription (Joomla 2.5 & 3.x )


JEXTN Membership extends the Joomla User Registration Management System to the next level. With adding the payment methods into our JEXTN Membership component, we proudly launching it with some more cool features like admin can review the statistics in backend and also the admin can add any number of plans for subscription while the user registering, etc. We assure you that, this is one of the best membership component available in Joomla.

Screen Shots:

Features of JEXTN Membership:-
  • 1. Membership / Group Management functions.
  • 2. Each subscription plan will have its own access restrictions.
  • 3. Create Free Membership Plans or Paid Membership Plans.
  • 4. Unlimited Membership Levels with different different access levels
  • 5. Supports Paypal, Ideal, 2Checkout, Google checkout,, ccAvenue, docdata, EBS, MoneyBooker payment gateways.
  • 6. Support offline payment
  • 7. Support bank transfer.
  • 8. Recurring payment support paypal
  • 9. Customizable Mail template for Payment status, Membership detail email and Renewal Mails.
  • 10. Admin can Add/Edit and delete user subscription plans in the back end.
  • 11. Support to Add subscription for existing users.
  • 12. Categorized subscription plans.
  • 13. You can manage user details and view transaction history.
  • 14. Invoice support - Subscribers can also download the generated invoice from Subscription History.
  • 15. Users can buy new subscription even in the ongoing subscription period. So he can continue the new subscription after the existing subscriber
  • 16. Easy to use Registration form with Subscription Plans & Payment Methods.
  • 17. Supports unlimited Subscription plan Like (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Any Custom Plan ...)
  • 18. Alert user on their subscription plans with activation links( if user activation enabled ).
  • 19. Alert admin on new subscription & registration.
  • 20. Registration form for users to get membership account.
  • 21. Users can subscribe their account by membership plans added by admin.
  • 22. Users membership account blocked once the subscription period is over.
  • 23. Automatically email remainder for renewal.
  • 24. Renewal option for the user to regain their membership account.
  • 25. Support languages English, Swedish, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Arabic, Norwegian, portuguese, Greek, Chinese, etc..
  • 26. Supports Joomla! Default SEF, sh404SEF
  • 27. Support any access restrictions or permissions.
  • 28. Option at admin to block user upon subscription unpublish( deactivate ) instead of deleting.
  • 29. Optional redirect from default registration form to jemembership
  • 30. Plugin for Email notifications ( Subscription Expired , Blocked )
  • 31. Free Membership (along with various option, this is also available)
  • 32. Direct Payment/Offline Payment pay by cash or Cheque Support
  • 33. Terms & Conditions display at the time of registration.
  • 34. Delete User subscription using Joomla admin side.
Undoubtedly it is a highly recommended extension for any website that wants a membership system

I am impressed with the performance (there is an online demo) and very happy with the support response time
JE Membership is great - worth the money - I've had awesome support - GET IT!
I love this people.
This extension is so easy to use that I had it up and running within an hour. But the best thing about this extension is the support.
These people are very responsive and willing to help you with anything you need. They don't just talk the game they actually deliver.
We purchased this extension and needed some help with translation. An Email to support gave us all the information we needed and +++. Reply was quick, with a thorough ''howto'' explanation. Thanks many times to Sam for his help. Greatly appreciated. And that is besides having purchased a great extension which installed, configured and works as claimed to. We were going right out of the box.
This is a good solution for simple membership features. The developers even offered to add extra field in the Joomla registration to save installing Community Builder.

Maybe add this to an update as extra fields is quite important.

Apart from that a well written and slick addon.
This is an excellent extension, you have done great. I've been searching for an extension that will enable me sell membership access on my joomla site and I found this one very interesting. However, there is a feature that I need to help me server my users better.

I want an update of the component such that in addition to the existing payment methods, a user can pay for subscription using a randomly generated and stored unique PIN code (10 - 14 digits), which he will purchase offline. Once a PIN code is used it can no longer be used by the user or any other user.

That means there will be an additional payment method called PIN number. So admin can generate PINs from backend and sell them offline, then user can use the PIN purchased offline to make payment for their subscription. Admin can generate PIN based on subscription category. E.g PIN to activate gold category membership plan will not work for silver category membership plan.

Kindly take a look at this, I will appreciate it if it can be incorporated into the next version.


The authors are quick to support their product when we found an issue. They identified, re-coded, tested, and published an update within a couple of days. Excellent!
These guys were great - really prompt advice when I couldn't figure something out and in general great service.
These guys provided me with a greal deal and superb support.Componate installation went down without a hitch.Would definetly buy more of thier interesting products.
Excellent Tool

I definitely recommend JE Membership component to some one looking to offer membership/subscriptions on their website. JE membership is perfect and excellent tool which offer a variety of subscription at different prices

We were looking for a component that would allow us to take payment for user subscriptions to my website services. And it also helps us in renewals

JE Membership is perfect – JE help us in what we wanted it to do.

It was very easy to install and I had it up and running on my site with my subscriptions and prices

Quick response from support staff

5 stars – Excellent.
Is it possible to give 10 stars? – no, but that´s my value of this company.
Nice working extension - but most of all if you have some issue or special configuration need the response is almost immediately. These guys are professionals.
I recommend it to anyone who wants a good component for free or paid Subscription plans
I am a Joomla novice. I found the program very easy to use. When I had questions, I received answers fairly quickly.
My experience with this company from a support standpoint has been very good. At this time I would have to give them an A+
Was looking for a membership sign up page for our non-profit. looked at several others and none of them compared to JE Membership. This extension has the most flexibility with forms, membership levels, and options. and of all the other ones I reviewed, it had the best looking forms. I can already tell that by implementing this extension we will grow our memberships greatly. The support from the developer has gone beyond all of my expectations. I will continue to look at J-Extensions for all my future needs.
I was looking for a component that would allow me to take payment for user subscriptions to my website services. I also wanted to offer a variety of subscriptions at different prices and keep track of all my subscribers and renewals.

JE Membership is perfect - it does everything I wanted it to do. It was very easy to install and I had it up and running on my site with my subscriptions and prices in under 10 minutes.

I had a couple of questions about the component and how I can get the best use out of it for my project. The support team were very quick to respond and very helpful.

I definitely recommend JE Membership component to anyone looking to offer membership/subscriptions on their website. 5 stars – Excellent.
I was looking for an extension to complete the membership for a project and this easily fitted the bill. Easy to install and make adjustments.

The best part of this is the support that comes with it should you have a query.

I have had reason to contact Balaji a couple of times and his response has been swift, clear and concise. Recommended extension 5*
I don't know much about css and html, so I needed a solution that is really simple to set up. JE Membership was a great choice:
- surprisingly simple to install and set up
- both admin and site appearance is clear
- I came up with a request to customize the extension and support was quick, professional and really helpful.
I recommended this component to my client for their project so they could collect money for a membership during the registration process.

And it works very well. We needed a couple things customized, simple stuff like the wording of the confirmation emails, and some of the text on the forms, and the ability to format pricing like 7.95, and not just a round number. Sam was very helpful and took care of it.

Sam was very helpful assisting me in making these changes. His support and knowledge is great, and he responds very quickly. Much appreciated.
In my spare time I develop websites for not-for-profit organisations so I need to be sure that when I choose a component, it will do the job. This component is perfect.
It is quick and easy to set up, has very clear interfaces both front and admin and plugs straight into one of three popular payment gateways (PayPal, Google Checkout or
I had some questions and the response from the developer was quick and informative.
If you're looking for a quick and effective membership payment system, this is it.
I bought consisting
and I can tell you that it is perfect and very easy to use
I recommend it to anyone who wants a good component Subscription simple and practical
thank you to the developer