JEXTN Tweets


Nowadays most of the Tweeter wants to tweet in their own website or to their JomSocial community members. This extention is already integrated with Joomla Community extension(JomSocial). JEXTN Tweets is fully Ajax based component. This basic version has all functionality needed to have a tweeting feature in your Website. We hope it will be useful to you and we will try to improve JEXTN Tweets as much as possible.

Note: This is Free Component, You can download this component for FREE!!!

Front End Features :-

  • JEXTN Tweets Fully Ajax based component.
  • The users can Post tweets from the front end. The form will displayed in the front end based on the settings in the admin, The admin has enabled/disabled public write(post tweets) access.
  • The users can add and delete their own tweets. Its works without page loading. Fully working under AJAX.
  • Different themes
  • The option to select Favorite tweets
  • Latest tweet
  • Plugin to integrate jomsocial, for list tweets in to the jomsicial recent activities.

Back end Features :-

  • Add/Edit/Delete/Publish and UnPublish Categories.
  • Add/Edit/Delete/Publish and UnPublish Tweets. Also the admin can manage the tweets, which are posted from the front end
  • Admin side have a seperate controller to manage the general, form and display settings. Based on these settings the front end component will work.

Module :-

  • Lists Favourite tweets based on the users who logged in
  • With Simple User Profile